The Green Sheet
 Lawncare and Landscaping
The 2017 Work Form for Returning Customers 
The team at Matt’s would like to wish you a happy 2017 and thank you for being a valued customer. During the 2016 season we provided one or more of our services for you. We ask that you please review our turf programs and landscaping options for this year and submit your selection(s). We look forward to providing you the selected services:
And / or I would like to add:

Mowing, Fertilizing, and Weed Control:
* All fertilization programs will spray for broadleaf and crabgrass control unless you check NO
Support Options: 
a free evaluation. 
-The program recommended by the Midwest turf school. Requires watering in the summer months to be effective.  
- Skips the summer feeding.
- Fall and winter feedings only
-Minimum fall feeding
-The removal of plugs of soil which allows more air, water and nutrients to reach deeper down into the root zone. This is especially important if your soil is high in clay content. 
-Grubs are factors in one of five Midwest lawns. A history of insect problems in your yard requires follow-up treatments. Grub treatments, however, do not control moles

-If your lawn is an underperformer, this is the way to identify soil pH problems
-The density of many lawns can be improved by overseeding in the spring or fall
The four step fertilizing program
The three step fertilizing program
The two step fertilizing program
The one step fertilizing program
I would like the same services I had in 2016.
lawn mowing
Broadleaf weed control*
NO (I would like a fertilizing program, but not broadleaf weed control)
NO (I would like a fertilizing program but not crabgrass control)
Grubs and Insect Control
Soil Testing
Yard clean-up
I am not sure of the program that my lawn requires. Please contact me to schedule
Mulch, Soil or Stone
Landscape lighting
Tree Care
Sod / Seeding
Retention Walls
Brick Trim Brick Edging
Patios and Walkways
Garden Walls
Water Features
Lawn or Landscape Repair
By clicking submit I certify that I have reviewed all of the information I have provided and it is correct.
Bush Trimming